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Blog posts tagged in Pattaya life style

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Pattaya Songkran 2019 happy days

Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd independent Pattaya Property Brokers wishes everybody a safe and happy Songkran 2019,  R.E.S.T Property

Well it is here LOVE it or HATE it Songkran 2019 Starts today, Songkran in Thailand has to be the biggest new year celebrations in the world ??? Let The water fights begin ???


For any questions on Songkran what to do what not to do or Pattaya property sales or rentals even free legal advice   Call Barry +66(0)899333583 English      Apple+66(00806404375 thai 

simply Click here for more information

April 13th __ 15th is the traditional New year in Thailand this is the time for Songkran Festival the biggest and best new year celebrations. The Songkran festival is celebrated without any reservations in Thailand, it is the party of all parties it is one huge party like you have ever seen before the drinks flow freely every where you go you will see people enjoying and partying all inhibitions are lost and the joyful spirts rise as does the tempo and volume of the music believe it or not the worlds biggest street party brings Thailand as a nation to a standstill, if you have never experienced Thailand Biggest party mark it on your calendar for visit to Thailand in 2020.

The tradition at Songkran is to show respect to your elder’s by dabbing a little scented water on the back side of their hands or kneeling before them and pouring water on there feet, Many Thai people will visit Temples to show respect to those who have passed away, the traditional Thai Songkran festival is all about respect to your elders and the Thai Royalty,

FB IMG 1524210045948


After living in Thailand for nearly 24 years i have been lucky enough to have experienced the traditional Songkran traditions in many of the Thai provinces and Thai villages, Thai People are even more polite and courteous and defantly more generous as they are happy to share what ever they have even with complete strangers Amazing Thailand the Land Of Smiles,   Now then things change when you get to the major cities where the Songkran festivals have grown into epic street Parties Thailand Capital City Bangkok will grind to a complete stop for 2 days,

the tropical islands of Phuket and Koh Samui will celebrate for between 1 to 2 days there area varying days that different provinces will celebrate and most will celebrate for 1 or 2 days except for the area that I have laid my roots Pattaya City as you would expect with the Capital party city of the world Pattaya will celebrate ever day from the 13th to the 19 April, as a independent Pattaya property broker Real Estate Specialists Thailand R.E.S.T will be open every day of the year except 18th and 19th of April as the Street parties mean it is impossible to drive around, and to be honest all Real Estate Specialists Thailand staff enjoy a good party So Pattaya property for sale and rent can wait for a couple of days LETS PARTY ??

What to expect during Thailand’s Songkran Festivities?

Besides lots of merriment and celebrating you are going to see the biggest water fight you have ever seen, all roadways, highways and street’s become one big procession of motor vehicles of all description the main one is the Pick up trucks and wagons loaded with any container people can find to fill with water even seen people cover the bed of the pickup with thick plastic sheet and fill the entire pickup bed with water then drive around soaking as many people as possible,

FB IMG 1524097857808


Everywhere you look you will see revelers with water pistols, water cannon’s, buckets basically any thing that can be used to throw water at passing people trucks cars and don’t think you are safe on a motorbike you are just a moving target to aim water containers at,

Seriously on the streets of Pattaya nobody is exempt from a soaking even the police trying to direct traffic will get soaked

As in Thai Massages Beware of the hidden extras.

Songkran is celebrated in goodwill you are likely to get a shock or two some of the things to look out for on the Pattaya streets.

  • Ice cold water you will already be soaked if you have left your Pattaya home, but be ware as there are many people who will have large plastic drums filled with water and for extra fun will have large ice blocks in the drums, so when you get a bucket of Ice cold water over your head is a bit of a surprise,
  • Another thing people like to do is rub mentholated talc in usually mixed with water into your face if this get in your eyes it stings like crazy,
  • High powered water cannons even the Thai government have banned the use of these as they are very dangerous water jet hits you in the eye.
  • Chalk paste as with the Talc mixed with water then smeared around your face and any bare skin again stings if gets in your eyes.
  • No mercy for anyone Thais and foreigners alike are instant on blessing you with chalk paste or Talc

On the streets of Pattaya and Jomtien people like to get a reaction to freezing water, which is all good fun but choses you victims wisely, not pregnant ladies not older people and defiantly not a 6 foot 4 muscle man believe me that freezing is a massive shock to the system.

So you have decided to join the fun in Bangkok or Pattaya Now prepare yourself.

FB IMG 1524097832197

Thailand’s Songkran festivals are great fun if you know what to expect and you prepare yourself to be a willing participant, here are a few tips or you could say rules of war for Songkran.

(1If you are a smoker keep the cigarettes in a plastic bag or you will find you will be buying packets of cigarettes all day cost you a fortune LOL keep all your valuables and anything that gets damaged by water in secure plastic airtight bags, You can buy these on very street corner or seven eleven stores buy in advance

(2) Leave your gold and jewelry at home, a drunken a party goer is a easy target for opportunist thieves in the throbbing crowds,

(3)Avoid using motorcycle over exuberant revelers will see you as prim target.

(4)Your mobile device or camera not water proof buy one of the secure zip lock plastic bags from Seven Eleven, if you have to use your seek a spot that you will not get soaked ( you will find it hard it find a dry patch?)just because you are using your mobile phone does not mean someone will not put a bucket of water over your head.

(5)Keep smiling and do not loose your temper certain things may become annoying to you just remember 90 % of the people around you will be drunk tempers can flare remember Thailand the land of Smiles.

Remember it is Thai anew Year the tradition is to pour water over the hands or shoulders you can accompany this by saying Sa Wat Dee Pii Mai “Happy New Year”, or Suksan Wan Songkran “Happy Songkran Day”. Polite and courteous.


Songkran is amazing for children just think back to your childhood how good you felt with your water pistol in hand, I have a 12 year old son and to see how happy he is throwing water at people and getting water thrown at him is one of the joys of the year living in Pattaya, join in with the children buy a water pistol and not to for get your Songkran shirts loud and colorful one would never thing about wearing again

Avoiding Songkran some do;;;

Most people in Pattaya City or Bangkok will like to participate in the water festival at least once, if you would rather not join in he best thing to do is stay with in your Pattaya hotel grounds, if you are living in a Pattaya condominium, living in a Pattaya house or living in a Pattaya apartment make sure you stock up he food cupboard and drinks cabinet beforehand as once you leave your Pattaya home or Pattaya hotel you are a target.

FB IMG 1491527460840

Travel before Songkran starts.

If you are not joining in with the Songkran festival and you are planning on a road trip travel before Songkran starts otherwise will for sure find yourself stuck in grid locked traffic, the roads are dangerous at this time of year Hundreds inured and over 500 hundred dead in accidents last year so avoid driving if at all possible.

Regional Songkran Days.

Although New Year’s Day in Thailand falls on the 13th of April the Songkran celebrations may go on for a week or more. Districts and sub districts throughout Thailand will celebrate Songkran on different days, remember this when planning ahead. Our great city of Pattaya celebrates and parties the hardest from the 12th to the 19 th none stop,

FB IMG 1491527470095

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, Remember Songkran in Thailand anywhere Koh Samui Phuket Bangkok Chang Mai Pattaya is fun like you have never experienced enjoy it drink be merry and happy but please Don’t become a Songkran fatality statistic take extra special care on the roads.

If you require any information on dates times where to go where not to go?and do For Songkran in Pattaya or Jomtien beach feel free to contact Real Estate Specialists Thailand

Tel barry +66(0)899333583       (English)     Apple +66(0)806404375 (Thai)


If you have any Pattaya property enquires Real Estate Specialists Thailand are a independent Pattaya property broker who offer free property advice and free no obligation pick up and drop of service for Pattaya property viewings, being a independent Pattaya broker means we are able to give our honest opinion on all Pattaya real Estate and the Pattaya property developers if you looking for investments in Pattaya

Barry J Hayles 12 April 2019 

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Pattaya Property Agents Real Estate Specialists Thailand

logoIMG 4119

                                                                               Contact direct click here  Barry J Hayles

About Real Estate Specialists Thailand: Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co Ltd (R.E.S.T Property) have been Established for five successful years with growing client and referral clients list, we opened our second office in the Jomtien complex Jomtien beach in December 2017, we decided to open Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co Ltd (R.E.S.T Property) after many successful years working as sales and marketing Manager with the successful developer Beach property Co,. Ltd,

Working on Pattaya housing projects such as Palm Oasis Jomtien beach Pattaya, 2,3,4 and 6 bedroom luxury modern pool villas fully constructed and sold out, Ocean Lane villas in Na Jomtien Pattaya 3 and 4 bedroom Thai Bali style Houses located on 500 meters to a quite beach again fully constructed and sold out, Beach properties Thailand Co,. Ltd flagship the award-winning South beach condominium on Pratamnak hill, voted the best boutique condominium by the Thailand property awards, after South beach we did Joint ventures with Rattanakorn Assets with numerous condominium project with in Central Pattaya and Jomtien beach.

This knowledge has been invaluable In the growth of Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd keeping ourselves completely independent of any Pattaya developers or other Pattaya property agents,

20171202 183248

Keeping ahead of our competitors with our emphasis on customer service and after sales service, a friendly approach with no pressure put on people looking to buy a Pattaya house or Buy a Pattaya condominium, we just do our best to put the buyer of Pattaya property with the right seller of a suitable Pattaya property, our free pick up and drop service not only for Pattaya properties,

We offer this free no obligation service to check all the different Pattaya area and the different suburbs of Pattaya for a possible property purchase, this is a real hit with people as there are so many areas that you may miss when searching all the different websites, there is no better way to check a particular Pattaya location or to actually have a walk around a Pattaya village that you may be interested in buying a house on having a ands on approach is beneficial not only to the property buyer but also the property seller and the Pattaya property agent, We have great knowledge of the Pattaya real estate market but we never stop learning and gaining new information.

main.00 06 44 11.still005 26

Pattaya house rentals have always been in high demand in the central Pattaya locations mainly for the reasons of there being very few quality Pattaya housing developments in the central location and the road way infrastructure in the past made it difficult to travel to and from the Pattaya suburbs,

With all the infrastructure improvements and new highways being built this is now making the suburbs more attractive to people looking to rent Pattaya properties, for example Mabprachan lake not so long ago this journey would take you over 30 minutes to get to central Pattaya now the trip is around 10 minutes, with all the changes in the Pattaya infrastructure this has opened the gates for a more varied choice, For the budget minded people some very inexpensive properties to be found in East Pattaya,

The team at real estate specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd offer a professional approach whilst searching for the right house for you, the first step is to decide on your preferred location to rent a Pattaya house, a stated earlier destinations such as Baan Ampur, Huay Yai, Na Jomtien, Mabprachan, even Bangsaray beach and Sattahip are all now accessible to rent a house, Then if you are in the locale area and you are unsure of what location to move to why not take advantage of Real Estate Specialists Thailand service of a free no obligation pick up and drop of service, a member of staff ill pick you up drive you around to view the locations before actually deciding on Pattaya properties to view, once location has been chosen then we go through our large data base of properties and house for rent make bookings to view your preferred options of house to rent, at this point again we pick you up show yore chosen Pattaya properties for rent , our services are free with no obligation to rent a property from our team if we can not match you to your perfect house, we will give 100% effort to find your perfect Pattaya house rental.

We have Pattaya Houses for rent from 10,000THB up to 210,000 THB Per month and all in between, give us a chance, we are confident you will rate our services in Pattaya house rentals Real Estate Market in Pattaya and surrounding districts highly, Click here for R.E.S.T Property

Condominium sales: Buying a condominium in Pattaya can be a daunting prospect especially if it is your first condominium purchase in Pattaya the choice is huge, are you looking to buy a condominium in Pattaya for a condominium investment, a condominium to live in, or a condominium holiday / vacation home maybe the condominium is for your retirement?

Are you looking to buy a condominium in a pre-built established condominium building, A condominium in a new Building, Buying a condominium during the condominium construction or Buying a condominium off plan The last one buying off plan is where your really do need to find a unbiased Real Estate Agent with knowledge of all the developers of condominiums and not just a agent that will push you into buying a condominium where he gets the best commissions,

As Totally independent Pattaya property brokers Real Estate Specialists Thailand team like to sit down with potential condominium buyers go over all the points that are relevant to your condominium search we will give a honest unbiased views on all the Condominium developments that you may be interested in Purchasing, all our services are free and with no obligation, if we can not find the exact condominium that that fits your requirements, if we can not find the right condominium for you then we are more than happy to suggest other reputable property agents with over 24 year experience in Thailand we do know the good reputable brokers,

Pattaya Condominium Rentals: Pattaya condominiums rentals are a bright topic to discusswith the choice being wide and varied, would you believe me if I said you are able to rent a Pattaya city center condominium for as little as 6,000 THB per month, or a central Pattaya apartment for rent at less than 5,000 THB per month ??? well it is true for the people who are on limited funds and are not looking for a luxury condominium with swimming pool restaurants, Saunas Gymnasiums ETC ETC then yes you can find this style of Pattaya condominiums and Pattaya apartments for rent.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the luxury end Pattaya Condos and apartment even some spectacular Pattaya penthouses with panoramic ocean views for rent ( No not at 7,000 THB per month ?)  Pattaya Penthouse

I think for most of us looking to rent a Pattaya condominium we would be looking at a more realistic price range and there are some extremely good value for money condominiums available on the Pattaya real estate market , 2 bedroom condominium 115 sq meters close to Jomtien beach for only 25,000THB, 1 Bedroom condominium on a high floor in the Grand Caribbean with ocean view 15,000THb, Real estate specialists Thailand have a 3 bedroom condominium unit with unobstructed sea views and views stretching the length of the kilometer Jomtien coastline, this is a stylish condominium with a project that has full resort style facilities and direct beach access,

With such a wide choice personal condominium inspection are Paramount to get the perfect condominium rental that not only fits your budget but also meets all the requirement that you require in your Pattaya condominium rental,


Pattaya Business for sale: We hear it often here in Pattaya some one has been here for a two to three-week holiday and falls in love with the idea of running a Pattaya business and relocating to Thailand the land of smiles and many fall in the trap of going full steam ahead with a business purchase usually they go for what they think is the easy option opening a Pattaya Restaurant, Pattaya beer Bar, Pattaya massage parlor, these are the type of businesses that stand a very good chance of not only failing but draining your finances usually because good due diligence has not been done and the rose tinted spectacles take over, These businesses can and often do prosper as long as you do your full due diligence and not taking everything at face value.

Don’t take this article in the wrong context it is not a negative to owning a business in Pattaya Thailand far from it, I have been working and owning Businesses in Pattaya Koh Samui and Phuket for over 20 years and the majority of that time has been successful and all the time happy, but there is always ups and downs, happily my only down time was 2 years living and working in the tourism sector in Koh Samui Thailand this is the one and only time I have been drawn in by the Rose tinted spectacles, Like many before me and sure there will and has been many more after me who land in Koh Samui and fall in love with this idyllic tropical island, but when you actually live on a island that you can drive round in 45 minutes, i personally thinks it takes a special kind of person so as not to get island fever,

After 2 years I was on my bike so to speak and back to Pattaya we still visit Koh Sami for short vacations not for business well not for me.

At Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd we do not have a data base of businesses for sale as large as our data base for Pattaya houses or Pattaya condominium sales or rentals as it is very hard and time consuming the Businesses, we have for sale are all checked with all the relevant documentation in place,

We offer a service a little different as to other property agents in this part of the Pattaya real estate market, in our experience we have found that it is much better to sit down with someone find out exactly what they are looking for and what there expectations are, if we do not have the appropriate business on our Real Estate Specialists Thailand website R.E.S.T Property we then go out and sauce the business for you, once we have Business that meet your requirements and have done the initial checks for you, at this we will introduce you to the Business owner if you then decide to take it further then we assist with all the due diligence with you, if you are looking at a business that is tourist based then the best locations are Central Pattaya, Pattaya beach, Jomtien and Jomtien beach, Cozy beach, Pratamnak hill are the best locations for a business that is reliant on the tourist sector, As we looked at earlier with all the improvements to the Pattaya infrastructure Baan Ampur, Bangsaray are becoming little boom areas in is well worth looking at for a future business venture Click here for more information

Pattaya Property Management Pattaya; Thinking of buying a Pattaya property for investment, worried what will happen to your property in your absence, who will check the property? who will collect the monthly rental? who will attend to the general running and maintenance?

Using the services of a reputable Pattaya property management company is a realistic way to go forward, Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd offer this service in the following locations Central Pattaya, Pattaya beach road, South Pattaya North Pattaya, East Pattaya, Pratamnak hill, Cozy beach, Jomtien, Naklua and Wongamat beach, Houses in the Pattaya suburbs of Bangsaray Baan Ampur, Mabprachan Lake and the Huay Yai district,

How does a Pattaya Property management company work, once you have purchased your Pattaya house or Pattaya condominium, or maybe a pool villa on the beach in Pattaya, or pool villa on the beach at Bangsaray,

First steps is that we would Photograph your house or condominium recording a full inventory check of the interior and exterior, we will the advertise the Pattaya property house or condominium on our international website Link , and all the social media outlets Face book link , twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, ETC ETC we will advertise with all the local Pattaya property agents and Real Estate Companies in the area also on many third party international websites,

Once the tenant has been found the a member of Real Estate Specialists Thailand will prepare the lease agreement, check the customer in to the property rental, if there are any problems after check in the tenant will contact Real Estate Specialists Thailand and we will rectify and issues that require our attention, periodically make property inspection visits, Collect the Monthly rental income and transfer direct to the House owner or condominium owner, keep a monthly audit report to the owner, Basically we take care of the Pattaya house or Pattaya condominium as we do our own properties.


Pattaya Legal services; Real estate specialist’s Thailand Co,. Ltd do not profess to be certifiedLawyers or solicitors, if you are in need of a Pattaya Lawyer or Pattaya solicitor with our experience in Thailand we will be able to recommend solicitors or lawyers who will act diligently on your behalf no matter what your legal requirements are,

As for Pattaya property transfer and contractual writing we do offer this service and we do welcome our clients to have any of the property contracts checked by a certified Lawyer or solicitor,

we are very adept at transferring properties at the Pattaya and office acting diligently on behalf of the Pattaya property seller or the Pattaya property buyer, we have transferred many condominiums at the land office with no complications same with Pattaya house transfers, we may offer references if you wish us to handle the sale of a Pattaya house or the purchase of a Pattaya house, House transfers or Condominium transfers are quite a simple process in Thailand unlike in the western world very little red Tape,

Over the years we have compiled a A-Z check list so we give to the Pattaya property buyer a easy break down of what documentation is required and also for the Pattaya property seller.

Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co Ltd are one of the few Pattaya property agents that actual put the client’s interest first, we do not focus on the property fees that we receive for our services we concentrate on putting the buyer and sellers of Pattaya property needs first.

We are so transparent in the way we do our Pattaya property transactions may times we actually pick the buyer and seller up together take to the land office for the property transfer, and to be honest it is a nice feeling to know we have acted diligently for the Property Buyer and property seller, to see the seller happy with is full payment for the transaction in his hands and the Buyer happy to have all the legal documentation for proof of Pattaya property purchase IE Chanot(Land title deed , house registry book.

Pattaya Property Insurance; As above with the legal services above Real Estate Specialists Co,. Ltd are not a property insurance Brokers but we can aim you in the direction of may of the property or medical insurance brokers in the area, many people for get about insurance but it is a important this to have especially if you have purchased a Pattaya property for generating a rental income, Thailand is the same as the western world good insurance cover for personal medical insurance or property insurance is available at reasonable rates

Pattaya Car Hire; We highly recommend using a reputable car rental company that covers all their vehicles with first class insurance,

If you are not used to driving on the roads in Pattaya I would personally suggest that you get around using the public transport system, The Pattaya public transport system is some of the best in the world with the local Baht Busses 10THB takes you anywhere on the route or you may book private taxi Grab Taxi is becoming very popular way of getting around Pattaya City,

For the brave people there are Taxi bikes on every corner you turn on the Pattaya City Streets,

Pattaya Bike Rental: This is one we highly recommend against, the accident rate very high on the Pattaya roads and if you are not a experienced Bike rider even experienced riders are taking a chance on The Pattaya city roads, a great amount of time the bikes are uninsured and obviously your medical insurance very rarely covers you for motorbike accidents, Medical care is not cheap in Thailand so you could end up with a sizable Hospital Bill.

Think very carefully before renting a bike to get around Pattaya, and if you do not have a valid Bike license don’t do it.


Recap About Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd;

Real Estate specialists Thailand really do pride ourselves on customer service and customer relationships, with a friendly none pushy team to assist with all your property needs no matter if you are looking to buy cheap Pattaya house, a cheap Pattaya condominium, a luxury Pattaya house or even a Pattaya penthouse condominium, Renting a Pattaya property all these clients are equally important to us we will assist all to the very best of our ability.

Pattaya House rentals, Pattaya house sales, selling a Pattaya House, Buying Pattaya condominiums, Selling Pattaya Condominiums, Pattaya investment properties, Pattaya Property owner looking to sell, Property Pattaya buyer looking to buy any thing in the Pattaya property market we are here to assist,

Give Real Estate Specialists Thailand a chance to assist you in your Pattaya Property requirements we are confident that you will use us again and recommend us to your family and friends

Contact Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd

English Call Barry +66(0)899333583 Office +66(0)38231249 email

Thai Call     Apple+66(0)806404375 Office +66(0)38223149 email


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Living in Pattaya having the Pattaya life style

Living in Pattaya having the Pattaya life style



When deciding where to lay down some new roots there are many things to consider one of the biggest considerations especially for people who are Expats still working is convenience and that of the new life style in your desired location, I don’t think any of us would be willing not to improve on where we were living before. Buying a property in Thailand in the Pattaya City area gives all that is required, this article was written with respect of a friend deciding to relocate and asking questions not only regarding properties for sale in Pattaya, things like if he buys a house in Pattaya how easy will it be to get to the ocean and what water sports are available as these are his main reasons for relocating to Thailand he has seen on the different websites that generally Buying a Pattaya condominium would be a better option as he has seen that the majority of the Pattaya condominium projects are much closer to the ocean than that of the Pattaya Housing developments.

Any way think I will do another article in the future regarding his search for a Pattaya house to buy or Pattaya condominium to buy,

My friend Tony who had decided to relocate from the UK to Pattaya Thailand was asking me what the sailing and boating opportunities were available in and around the Pattaya area, I have lived in Thailand for many years mainly living In Pattaya but also three years in Phuket and two years on the island of Koh Samui, one of the things I admit I Know very little about is sailing so I started to look into what would be available if he was to buy a Pattaya house or a Pattaya condo I was surprised what boating activities there are in the area. the more I answered the question Tony had on the Pattaya boating activities there more questions seem to come back?, I must say I did find it interesting doing the research for Tony.

Apart from the many Bargain ferries and speed boats that whiz across from The Pattaya beach coastline and from Bali hai pier to the many islands that are accessible from Pattaya, the nearest Island is Koh Larn is only 7 kilometers of from Pattaya coast line and at a cost off around 100 baht per person on the Pattaya Koh Larn Ferry, Amazing 15 minutes from Pattaya city Koh Larn as pristine beaches and crystal clear ocean with many water sports to be taken including, Diving, sailing, Windsurfing, fishing,

Then you can drive up the coast line heading away from Pattaya city you will come across one of Thailand premier Marinas Ocean Marina Yacht club.

Ocean Marina is a luxury executive Yacht club with over 300 moorings for boats and yachts from the not so expensive Dingy to the luxury ocean going super yachts, Ocean Marina also has a luxury condominium project with condominium’s boasting fantastic ocean views and views over the Marina, situated on a super-prime location better known as Jomtien Riviera only 20 minutes from Pattaya city,


 A new elite zone of Pattaya Thailand to add to Pattaya real estate market. Stylish yet functional designed condominiums with outstandingly over-size space offering the utmost comfort and privacy to its residents. A V-shaped design tower can provide a stunning over 180-degree wider view of seascape. Only for the few who are seeking a unique marina lifestyle. Not only a condo, but you also belong Pattaya’s heaven-on-earth weekend hideaway yachting fraternity, with the new exit and entry ramp to the new Motorway close by traveling to Thailand’s Capital city will be under 90 minutes, Rayong (Utapo) International airport is under 30 minutes this airport will soon be a full international airport. Obviously buying one of these beach front condominiums overlooking the Marina is high up on Tony’s list of options for a property for to buy in the Pattaya Region.

Ocean Marina host the Yearly boat show and sailing regatta this is a spectacle not to be missed enjoyable for all, not matter if you are sailing enthusiast or just looking for a family day out.

Closer to Pattaya City there is the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Sailing community at this yacht club with beach front restaurant accommodations for nightly or weekly rentals, sailing school suitable for the beginner’s or the more advanced sailors, Yacht rentals also available, Royal Varuna Yacht Club is located on the Cozy beach area of Pratamnak hill which is only 5 minute drive to central Pattaya, This area is more built up than the Ocean Marina area so giving many ore options on properties to buy, Luxury condominiums and apartments and some budget condos for sale, There is also a modern beach front Pattaya housing Village Majestic residence with some luxurious Pool villas for sale (not so cheap?)but direct access to the beach and only 5 minutes’ walk to the Royal Varuna Yacht club, Absolute prime location to buy Real Estate in Pattaya,

Jomtien beach offers a well-established windsurfing and sailing school with boards for rent with experienced teachers, Thailand’s international windsurfing and jet ski championships are held yearly at this location on Jomtien beach.

Diving is a very big past time of the Pattaya coast with many schools available for training ideal for beginner’s and masters, Deep sea diving Snorkeling even liveaboard diving opportunities are available and from what I have been told is very cost effective compared to the western world, I think the biggest problem for this pastime would be choosing which company to actually go diving with as the choose is large, Just walk along Pattaya beach road and Jomtien beach road so may diving schools with the Padi sign.

Pattaya water parks the original Pattaya water park is located directly on Dongtan beach front Jomtien a little dated compared to the new Pattaya water parks but still has that classic appeal for a day out with the family, Cartoon network Water park is locate around 20 minutes’ drive from Pattaya this is fairly new addition to the Pattaya family attractions and is a international standard water park.


The other international standard water park is Ramayana International water park located in the Silver Lake area of Pattaya again only about 20 minutes’ drive from Pattaya.


Then there is the Pattaya Fishing charter a boat if you like to personalize your day fishing then spend the day fishing where you choose with some very good deep-sea fishing not far of the Pattaya coastline, there are many fishing clubs in Pattaya so if you like the company this is the way to go, there are numerous Pattaya lakes for fresh water fishing.

When I sent this information to Tony it completely opened a can of worms so to speak which created even more questions, what about the Golf courses of Pattaya, what are the international Pattaya schools like, is medical care good in the Pattaya international hospitals ETC.

I have lived in Thailand for over 20 years working in either the Thailand Real estate market with Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd or the tourism sector, most of the time spent in Pattaya, what I realized after my friend has been asking questions is how you take the area we live in for granted after taking time to visit the Pattaya yacht clubs and seeing first hand what is actually on offer.

The next thing with Tony Is Pattaya properties this is going to be very entreating as I do know about the Pattaya Real Estate market which I am sure we will be looking at a wide range of properties as he has still not made his mind up if he will buy a Pattaya Condominium or Pattaya House, What I do know is that he has completely different ideas as to his Pattaya property purchase to what his wife’s idea of the next property purchase should be.

If anybody reading this article has any questions regarding Pattaya Real Estate for sale maybe thinking of buying a Pattaya house or Buying a Pattaya condominium please feel free to contact us any time Click here , Not only Pattaya Real Estate if you would like any information regarding Pattaya and Pattaya surrounding districts maybe legal question or questions on visas a and or immigration policies , if I do not know the answer to your question it will be my pleasure to do the research for you making sure that you get up to date answers on any topic you may have questions on.

Look out for the next article when Tony and his wife arrive in Thailand to search for their new Pattaya home to buy, I am sure this is going to be fun exiting Pattaya Property owners beware LOL

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